August 23, 2015

New Photography Studio Reveal

New Studio Reveal!

Well, it’s been quite the journey and is still a work in progress, but here’s the first peak at my new studio! (I plan on adding more exteriors photos soon and better interior photos, but just too impatient and can’t wait any longer!)

Back in August 2014, my husband found a cute little Dental Office for sale on a busy corner close to one of my favorite places.  #starbucks  At first, I was not only hesitant about the old and outdated building’s potential, but the thought of taking the leap and having bills to pay with my photography “fun money” made it hard to swallow.  I had only just started my photography business in 2012 and have only been able to pursue it part time while I work part time at the hospital and enjoy my 3 gorgeous young children.  Photography is a hard business to make a profit in, and I just wasn’t sure I was ready or capable of that feat.  Before I had a chance to process it all, my husband {ever the optimist} informed me that he put an offer in on the building and it was about to be ours.  Gotta love him!

Take a look at the video he sent me when he found it.  You have to listen to the very last sentence, he really knows how to win me over.  🙂


We started by filing the paperwork to change the zoning from medical to commercial.  Once that was approved and official in December 2014, we pulled the permits and demo began.  My husband took on the bulk of the work himself.  Which means two things, it’s going to done right and it’s going to take twice as long.  (love ya babe!)

We had to put a new roof on immediately, then we hired an architect to help with submitting the plans to open the space up.  My husband framed new windows for me (twice because I changed my mind on the size and location 😉 ) and we upgraded to gorgeous commercial windows and doors, new lighting, a brand new kitchen area, gorgeous flooring, new siding (I was SO hard picking out exterior colors!)  wrought iron railings and landscaping ect.  Little things really excited me along the way.  The motion sensor in the bathroom that turns the light and fan on when you walk in and the EXIT signs that light up above the door made me giddy.  But the best part is the gorgeous flooring!!  Everyone comments on it.  It’s rustic and gorgeous and ties everything in together.

We obtained occupancy and passed with flying colors in May 2015 and it’s been a process of moving things in and putting my own personal finishing touches on it.  It’s been a dream of mine to own a studio, I would have never imagined I’d have one so beautiful though.  Every little piece and detail is part of my vision.  We started completely over with a blank slate, and although it was challenging to transform the dream from my head (and heart) into reality, it worked!!!  Every time I walk into my studio I smile ear to ear.  It has so much character and it’s so ME!  I wanted to find a way to showcase my art on the walls and make it a warm and inviting place to be.  It’s become everything I wanted it to be and more.

I wish I would have take more before photos and I plan on getting some better “after” photos.  But I just couldn’t wait to share it anymore!!  🙂

Kenosha Photographer

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Check out this post on the gorgeous rectangle beanbag stand my wonderful hubby made me.  It’s saved my back, helped shave 30 mins off my sessions and it’s gorgeous!  🙂

Kenosha Newborn Photographer


Diana Cordova

Beautiful, beautiful space!!!! Can you tell me where you got your backdrop holders?

14:32 August 23, 2015

    12:44 November 14, 2015

Nicole Henry

Netasha! It is beautiful congratulations!

16:36 August 23, 2015

Margie Hannes

Your studio is so nice. The pictures really show the transformation.

13:18 August 24, 2015