Kenosha Photography Class, DSLR Class, Photography Classes


In this DSLR Basics you will learn the ins and outs of setting your camera like a pro photographer as well as how to document your life creatively and beautifully!

Join us for a photography class in my studio. The class will be taught using a power point presentation. We will spend appx 2hrs discussing different camera settings and when to use them and allow for an hour for q&a and practice. You will receive a custom spiral bound workbook explaining exposure and camera settings in detail you can use to follow along with the class, take notes on and to keep!

Things you will learn:

*Common photography terms with explanations.
*Tips for achieving great focus for sharp images.
*Rules of image composition.
*Understanding ISO, shutter speed, aperture and F-stops.
*Learn to see and use available light for perfectly lit photos.
*How to use white balance.
*How to photograph sporting game inside of gymnasium.
*How to maintain and care for your equipment.
*Shooting outdoors and using natural light.
*What gear is best for you and how to get the most out of your investment.

You will also be added to an online Facebook group with other class attendees for continued online support and opportunities to join group shoot outs and photo walks throughout the year.

**This course is not as applicable to point and shoot, smart phones or toy cameras. I do believe great photos can be taken with all sorts of devices, but this course focuses on DSLR photography. This class does not cover editing, off camera flash or studio light. Signed contract required to secure seat. If you have any questions about what’s included, please contact me prior to purchasing at

What to Bring:

Please bring your camera, along with any lenses you use frequently. A pen and detailed workbook will be provided.